Make Creative Visions Real

Engrave it. Color it. Thermoform it. Corian® can be whatever you imagine it can be. Undulating, virtually seamless, organic shapes, bold effects of color and translucency – if you can dream it, you can create it with Corian®.
A signature innovation, Corian® Design continues to evolve and to inspire. We collaborate with designers, architects, artists, specifiers, and fabricators the world over to reach new creative heights with this extraordinarily impactful material. Choose from a wide range of trendsetting patterns and tones or even create your own custom colors. And Corian® works everywhere — it is the material of choice for architects and designers specializing in healthcare, food service, hospitality, office buildings, schools, and of course, homes.

However Corian is much more versatile than that. There are hundred’s of uses for Corian. And here are some of the more common ones:
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Commercial Offices
• Hygienic Healthcare Areas
• Retail Outlets
• Catering and Hospitality
• Five Star Hotels
• Stunning Furniture
• Bright Lighting Solutions
• External Cladding

Does Corian Scratch?

The answer is yes, particularly in darker colours where scratches are more visible than on a white surface. A Corian craftsman can usually remove the scratch by carefully sanding and polishing it out. With granite you cannot remove scratches.

Is Corian Heat Proof?

Thermoforming allows Corian to become flexible. And when flexible it becomes pliable and easily moulded as we have already explained.
Hot pans or burning cigarettes will leave a burn mark when left on a Corian surface for a long time.
However sanding the surface of the Corian can remove the stain. In really bad cases you can cut the damaged area out and replace it to match the existing. This is another great feature of Corian.
If you are installing Corian in commercial kitchens you need to be careful how you do it. Before acting we suggest calling us or calling your local Corian distributor for specification details.

Does Corian Stain?

Yes it does stain.  You can usually remove stains quite easily though. A simple combination of 1/3 bleach, 2/3 water can get rid of almost any stain.